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   A Henderson Landmark Since 1937      

One of New Zealand's early wineries, Landmark Estate was founded in 1937 by Steve Vitasovich, an immigrant from Croatia, who arrived in Auckland late in the 1920s.

On his arrival in New Zealand, Steve headed to the far north of the North Island. There he worked hard in the gumfields for about 10 years, he then returned to Auckland and purchased land in Henderson to realise his dream and passion for the art of winemaking.

Today the winery is managed by Steves'family and surrounded by suburban homes. Fortunately, the local authority have the foresight to preserve the heritage and beauty of the local vineyards.

Tucked away in the gentle foothills of the dramatic Waitakere Ranges is the family owned winery with a big reputation. Today, the sign of success of this establishment emerges with the restructuring of the winery in 1996.

Brand labels of quality wines "Earls" (Premium Reserves) Landmark Estate, Albatross Point, Glen Hills, (Fortified Wines) and Southridge.

While we have 10 acres of grapes at our Henderson Estate, and another 10 acres at the Kumeu property, we also source premium grapes from some of the leading vineyards of the Gisborne, Hawkes Bay regions.

All wines are produced at Landmark Estate. The winery cellars have, over the years, expanded, now having the storage capacity for over 2 million litres. The winemaking equipment has deliberately been kept basic, reflecting a philosophy of simplicity and adherence to tradition.

We believe in keeping winemaking as natural as possible, with a minimum of handling and a maximum of quality and expertise.


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